Using A Hurricane Tracking Map

A hurricane tracking map is a good way to chart the course of a hurricane. Anyone interested in weather will enjoy having one of these. Your local news will often offer free maps at anytime a hurricane is forecast that has even a possibility of entering your area of the world.

As soon as a hurricane is announced place a marker on the exact area where the hurricane has begun. You may even want to start earlier, for example when the storm is still a tropical storm.

Pay attention to news and weather reports. As the storm moves new announcements will continue to be made. During these announcements the current longitude and latitude will be announced. Use your marker to make a mark each time the current location is announced.

A hurricane will generally be swirling and moving over the course of several days. You will have to pay attention to weather reports in order to keep your chart updated. As you make your chart you will see why hurricanes are often so unpredictable. They often speed up and slow down, turn a bit one way and then back another way or gain and lose speed. You just never know what they are going to do. This is why they are such a challenge. Even though technology has made predicting them easier, it is still not a sure thing.

For each hurricane, start a new hurricane tracking chart. You can then compare how different each one is. This is an interesting hobby for anyone curious about weather and nature.

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