Snapbacks Make A Snap Back!

You remember those funny hats that all the Little League players wore and for that matter the big leagues too; every farmer wore one and every sport fanatic had them. I think it was the only way you could buy a hat back then. Originally popular in the early 1980’s, the snapback lids with the adjustable plastic snap device in the back are making their way back. Back in a big way!

Fitted caps became the newest craze and phased out most of the old snapback hats. However, if you remember trying to buy a hat for someone other than yourself, you found yourself baffled at what size to buy. With its one-size-fits-all ability it certainly does take the guesswork out of trying to buy a hat for someone.

It’s normal to see styles come and go, and hats are not different. Snapbacks give the old school appeal for those who desire the vintage or retro look. You notice them immediately with the big bill, usually with a traditional green bottom, and the square shape of the hat. With popular actors and rappers sporting this new look, it hasn’t taken long for the popular look to take a place in the newest of fashions.

Hat makers have taken notice of the demand, and now designs are as plentiful as the once fitted cap. From baseball teams to basketball and football teams, you shouldn’t have any problem finding a snapback to fit your fashion needs. So sport your old school look and check out a snapback the next time you purchase a hat.
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