Sidecars For Motorcycles

A sidecar is a single wheeled capsule that is attached to the side of a motorcycle or other two-wheeled vehicle that converts the entire unit into a two-passenger, three-wheeled vehicle. The sidecar motorcycle unit differs from a motorized tricycle (trike) in that with a trike both of the rear wheels share a common axle. A sidecar configuration consists of a rigid that is fixed to the motorcycle on one side, and is supported mostly by the sidecar’s one wheel attached to the other side. The capsule, or body can accomodate a single seated rider or baggage. On some sidecars a soft removable top can be installed. Most sidecar configurations cause the motor bike to ride closer to the middle of the road where the sidecar sits on the right near the shoulder of the right lane. A sidecar impacts the handling characteristics of a motorcycle and causes the steering characteristics to be asymmetrical. What this means is that making a right turn is different and feels different than making a left turn. While turning left, a bike with a sidecar can liftt the wheel of the sitecar off the ground while leaning, and that makes turning left easier. Making a right turn is more complex because the sidecar wheel will not be lifted off the road surface. Moreover; breaking while on a motorcycle is a more complex affair with a sidecar installed because the sidecar will “pull” towards the motorcycle when it is breaking. Sidecars can be installed on other two-wheeled vehicles such as bicycles as well, and may of the riding and breaking characteristics that apply to motorycles will apply to sidecar mounted bicycles as well. More info: motorcycles Miami

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