Should You Buy A Paulownia Elongata Tree?

If someone has recommended you buy a paulownia elongata tree for your yard, you may be wondering what on earth that is. In fact, it is one of the most popular trees in America nowadays, with so many gardeners buying paulownia elongata trees some garden centers have trouble keeping them in stock.

Why is the paulownia elongata tree so popular? For so many reasons, but one of them is just how quickly it grows. When you buy most trees, if the grow three or four feet a year you will be happy. With a paulownia elongata tree, however, growing 15-20 feet per year is normal. That means you can buy a small tree or even just cuttings from a root and, within only a few months, you’ll have a decent sized tree growing in your back yard. As long as you take care of it well, water it, tend it and prune it, there’s no reason why the paulownia elongata tree you bought as a small shrub won’t grow to 100 feet or more within just a few years.

The other wonderful thing about the paulownia elongata is how pretty it actually is. Its leaves are very thick and a lovely vibrant green. It also flowers every year, with blossoms that are some of the prettiest tree blossoms around.

If you want a pretty tree, lots of shade, nice blooms and a tree that is easy to take care of, look no further than the paulownia elongata. Most garden centers will have them in stock and, at such cheap prices, you’ll easily be able to afford one.

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