Get New School Funding With School Web Hosting

If you’re applying for government or corporate grants for your school, one of the best ways to show what you do and what the money will be used for is with a website. School web hosting, luckily, isn’t expensive – in fact, some companies specialize in it. So, sign up, and get your school’s website up and running.

Before a company or a government agency gives new funding to a school, they want to know what the money will be used for. Rather than writing a detailed explanation in a grant proposal, show them on your website.

Take interesting photographs, record videos, publish interviews with teachers and students who will benefit from the grant money — in short, show the people making the decision about the funding, how your school is different and why they should give you the money.

School web hosting can be used for something beneficial, and not just for something fun. More info: School Web Hosting

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