Employment At Ford Dealers

Finding employment at Ford dealers is made easy when all of the different options are researched. A Ford dealer offers an array of available job positions for the person looking for employment.

Ford dealers are always in need of sales help. Most of these positions do not require experience in selling vehicles. Job opportunities include used and new sales. A Ford dealer will often offer a car to drive as part of the employment benefit package. Check with local area Ford dealers to determine which one is currently hiring. The hours are long but the potential to make a lot of money is available.

Mechanics and Detailing:
Ford dealers are in constant need of quality mechanics to work on vehicles brought to the dealer under warranty. Mechanics will fix broken down vehicles or repair small issues that occur. Some aspects of this job include routine oil changes. Experience or education as a mechanic will be required to obtain this type of employment.

Ford dealers will hire people to wash and detail vehicles prior to them being sold. This is a perfect job for a teen or young adult just starting out. No experience is necessary and on the job training will be provided for those who do not have experience in this field.

Office Work:
Ford dealers have job opportunities in the office for general phone work or in the financing department. People who desire to do administrative work will need computer skills. Employment in financing may require an advanced degree to obtain a job working in the loan department of a Ford dealer. More info: ford dealers south jersey

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