what is one of these? These are classified as a type of flow cytometer. What does one of these do? What it does ultimately is make a scientists job of counting particles inside of a molecule much simpler. When scientists must do is suspend a specific molecule in liquid, and then the device will count the particles inside the molecule for the scientist. This is a new way in a much simpler way to do this job. They’re a lot different types, but this is one of the most popular. So if you are in the market for one thing you should go online and see if there is someone who is selling one of these. More info: BD LSR II

Science Resources For Homeschooling

People who homeschool their children will find many helpful resources for teaching homeschool science. There are a number of useful websites on the Internet designed by real science teachers, where parents can obtain information as well as worksheets and activities to help teach their kids the fundamentals of this subject. Children who are homeschooled can also take field trips to museums or other points of interest in their area to learn about different subjects. A trip to a planetarium will show children the galaxy and various star systems in ways they never viewed before. Parents can also take children to parks and nature preserves to see different plants and animals. More info: Homeschool Science

About Nursing

Nursing is a very good field to go into if you have the experience and skills. There are also many different types of nursing schools that you can consider if your interested. You can begin your research online just to see what you come up with. Nursing can differ depending on how far you are planning on going in this field. There are so many different nursing programs that you can also get into. You need to make sure that you keep your grades up so that you do not fall behind, and you will be able to graduate on time as well. More info: Nursing CE